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Get ID from HDT
Get ID from serial output
Set ID by menuconfig

When we build coreboot for Merlin Falcon, we need to configure the Graphics OptionRom with the same device ID as silicon graphics ID. We need to build the coreboot with the following steps.

Get the Graphics device ID on your platform. The Graphics Device is Bus 0, Device 1, Function 0

  • Get Device ID from HDT.

  • Get from serial debug message.

Boot the board with TCMEF1D3.rom. Connect the LPC header with a mini-board which can translate the UART signal to serial port. The Peanut is an example. Search the debug message from serial port like the Figure 2 says. In this example, the ID is 0x9874.

Build the Coreboot with correct graphics device ID

In coreboot configuration menu, select Device -> Add a VGA BIOS image. -> VGA device PCI IDs.