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This board is currently not supported, but I am working on it.

Hardware details

  • Chipset: AMD A88X
  • Flashrom: Winbond W25Q64FV
  • SuperIO: Nuvoton NCT6776D (full datasheet can be found on the web)
  • Core voltage regulator: Intersil ISL6377 (3 phases for core and 2 phases for integrated northbridge)
  • RAM voltage regulator: Anpec APW8720B
  • RAM reference voltage regulator: AP1280AMP

GPP PCIe ports on the FCH:

port 0: unconnected
port 1: unconnected
port 2: unconnected
port 3: unconnected

GPP CLK ports on the FCH:

port 0: unconnected
port 1: PCIe x1 slot
port 2: unconnected
port 3: ethernet chip (populated)
port 4: ethernet chip (unpopulated)
port 5: unconnected
port 6: unconnected
port 7: unconnected
port 8: unconnected

GPP GFX SLT clock:

PCIe x16 card

Original BIOS information gathering

Dump of the output of the the lbsysinfo tool: File:Asrock fm2a88m-hd+ lbsysinfo.txt.bz2

The dump of the SPI flashrom contents is mostly identical to the "Instant Flash" BIOS update file, if you cut off the first 4kB of the file. The differences seem to be mostly configuration data and settings stored in the flash. There are only a few bytes, which seem to be some kind of serial number or so.