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Next coreboot Community Meeting

Date: Currently scheduled for every other Thursday - check the calendar for which week
San Francisco time: Tentatively begin at 10.00 a.m. (once again, check the calendar)
Berlin time: Tentatively begin at 19.00 p.m.
Meeting length: Max. 1 hour.
Who is invited: Everyone who has an interest in the coreboot project

Meeting time and timezone

If you want to know the coreboot meeting time at your location just checkout our calendar:

coreboot calendar

Access link

To participate in the meeting you need a headset/microphone and chrome/chromium browser!

If you want to install the discord application, feel free to do that.

Join meeting channel After joining, make sure you join the audio channel as well. This is a separate step.

Minutes / Topics to be discussed

If you have some topics which needs to be discussed on the next meeting, just add them:

Meeting Topics

This document also contains minutes of the previous meetings.


  • Be respectful of others and of the meeting agenda.

Additional requests once the meeting starts

  • Please mute if you're not actively part of the conversation.