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A guide for building coreboot for a specific board. For more infomation take a look at other wiki articles.


Coreboot is an open source firmware for different archtitectures (ARM, MIPS, RISC-V, X86). It's own build system is based on Kconfig and a crossgcc toolchain. In order to work properly on the most platforms it needs binary blobs for different embedded SOC's and MCU's. On few boards no propietary firmware blobs are necessary. In this howto we will take a look at straight forward coreboot install on a generic board.


There are different git repositories which are important for coreboot. Some external repos can also be used to get binary blobs for different boards.

Blobs Repository

The blobs repository contains official and legally released blobs from different vendors. Most of the blobs are chromebooks specific. If you want to add blobs here you need the official permission of the vendor. This repository also provides the needed binaries for some maiboards and is provided inside the Coreboot repo as git submodule.

Coreboot Repository

The Coreboot source repository containing only open source. This source is needed to compile coreboot and the toolchain is also included.

Board Status Repository

This repository contains all tested boards which are working. This repo is also a submodule and contains a scripts under utils/board_status which uploads a board status. If uploaded the status is shown here.

External Repositories