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Document Errata

The special congress ticket is NOT valid on night busses 5xx

General information

This page was mostly written by the organizer Ruik, therefore the is a lot of "I" in the text.


You will need to get the Czech Koruna - "kc" in short. You can get it with the ATM withdrawal or from exchange office. If you get it from exchange office MAKE SURE it has no COMMISION or that you have not seen only VIP rate! Do not exchange on the street.

1 USD should be approx 21.95 CZK (kc) 1 EUR should be approx 27.65 CZK (kc)

Quick and dirty calculation is 50 kc = 2 EUR and 100kc = 4 EUR / 5 USD.

The hotel can be paid with VISA/Mastercard. The hotel price is on the google docs page.

Alternatively you can exchange money in the Exchange8 which has good rates and it is located near "Staromestska" station on metro line A (between Muzeum and Dejvicka).


Voltage is 230V, the German/Austria/France sockets will fit.

Dial 112 for general emergency (you can also use 155 for medical emergency, 158 for police, 150 for fire fighters).

Public transport

Prague has very nice public transport system. I requested special discounted tickets for the days of our meeting. Just buy single ticket to the hotel/meeting place and I sell you the 4 day ticket just about for 10 EUR. This is a very special ticket and it is still cheaper than 3 days ticket. The disadvantage is that you can get it only from me and I already paid the ticket for you all. It is valid only from 16 to 19!

The public transport webpages are here. Metro plan is here. This coreboot ticket is valid for all trams busses < 300 and trams (plus it is valid for night busses 5xx) It is not valid on "AE" line to the airport.

For your single fare, you will need either 90 minutes single ticket (costs 32 kc) or 30 minutes ticket for (24 kc). Most of the machines accept only coins. The instructions to use are here. You can see how they look like here. There are brand new machines at the Airport and also on main railway station which accept the cards! Here is the picture what to look for.

DO NOT FORGET to stamp your ticket inside bus in the yellow box inside the bus or tram. Or inside yellow box while entering the subway premises. Put the ticket in direction of the arrow.

Subway orientation is super easy. Most of the subway station have common platform with two tracks. There are big boards where is the station list. There is a white box which indicates your station. Stations on the left from the box are on the left track. Stations on the right side of the white box are on the right track. Plus each train indicates the end station in the front. There are also LED pannels inside trains and also audiable messages.

The hlavni nadrazi - main railway station have split tracks without common platform. Just check the section bellow for the details.

For reasonable sized lagguage you won't need any ticket. Check sizes here. Otherwise you will need to buy extra lagguage ticket for 16kc.


The hotel name is (Masarykova Kolej and it is located in Thakurova street, 5 minutes from last station of Metro "A" (green line) - Dejvicka station. Hotel location. Last time in the Prague we got the "cell" like rooms, but this time we will have hotel rooms.

FIXME: checkin procedure, hand over of the "welcome package?"

Getting to the Hotel

From Metro station

Just go to endstation "Dejvicka" the green line "A". Get off from station using moving stairs which are located at the same direction as the metro came to that station. Use the moving stairs and go straight ahead between a newspaper shop and two telephones (just behind the exit from metro, there is an ATM). There are ordinary stairs to the street. Just keep on walking for about 5 minutes in the same direction. It is just two blocks. You should be on quite large street and have trams on the left side. You should also see bit distant traffic lights (and one closer only for pedestrians crossing). The more distant is the intersection with a small park where you need to go. Once you see the park cross it walking bit of right and at the opposite side is the building of of the hotel "Masarykova kolej" Whole track on the map.

From Airport

Do not use anything else than public transport! The TAXIs are big ripoff. There is a public transport booth with human operator in the airport terminal where you can buy the ticket. Get one for 32kc. You can get it also in the newspaper stands at the airport. I think the slot machines do not accept cards, just coins

Good news! From few days back, there should be also a new orange machine which now accepts the cards and not only coins as the old ones! They should be labeled with "prazska integrovana doprava" and there is also english word tickets.

Now just in front of Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 there is a bus station of the bus number 119. It goes to end station "Dejvicka" where you will get off. I think it takes like 20 minutes. There are even audiable messages in the english inside the bus so it should be easy. Just check the bus if it says 119 DEJVICKA on the green screen located outside of the bus before you get on. The worst case is that you will go from terminal 2 to terminal 1 where is the end station.

Once you get off at dejvicka, you just need to return two blocks in the street you came with the bus, but on the other side. Follow the directions on the first paragraph. Here are more details how to do the u-turn. Street is quite busy so best is to simply follow the crowd which takes you to the stairs down. Once down the stairs turn left still following the crowd. Most of it will enter the metro station turning right. You should turn left instead and find the stairs up as described in the first paragraph (once you have entrance to subway behind your back (after the turn to left) your vector is same as in first paragraph).

From Main Railway station - Hlavni Nadrazi

Get a single ticket for 30 minutes. Just buy it somewhere at the newspaper stand in the station. If this fails there is also Information booth of Prague public transport, which is located in the big hall near the Raiffeisen Bank. I think they accept the cards. If this fails there should be brand new machine which accepts the card installed. It is perhaps located near the classic machines which accepts the coins near the entrance of subway. The machine is also orange and brand new. It accepts the cards!

The hotel is located at the end station of line A (DEJVICKA). The main railway station is on line "C". You will get to change subways at station "MUZEUM". Proceed to the subway station which is near the booth and go to the entrance which says "ENDSTATION HAJE". The signs are in english and german. Do not forget to stamp the ticket while entering the subway premises - there are yellow boxes. The station Muzeum is the next station. Get off and follow green signes with letter "A". Once you reach platform go with train that goes to "Dejvicka".

There is also some bus station at the street level if you arrive there, just go down and find the main hall. Ignore the taxi offers.

From railway station Nadrazi Holesovice

Please check your train schedule. It might happen that your train will stop only at this station or this station is just before the final station "Hlavni Nadrazi". If you get off at Nadrazi holesovice, get a ticket for 90 minutes and go with the metro line C (the only line) in direction of endstation "Haje" or "Kacerov". Then follow the instruction from Florenc or Hlavni nadrazi, because both are on the same subway line (and closer to the Muzeum station).

From Main bus station - Florenc

Get a ticket for 30 minutes (it should take about 13 minutes plus some interval time) if you think you will need more just buy the other one for 90 minutes. Get to subway which goes to end station "Haje" or "Kacerov". You will need to change the subway at the Museum station to line "A" endstation Dejvicka. There is a info booth inside the bus terminal building.

By car

The hotel has a parking spot inside its permises, just ask in the reception.

Meeting venue

The coreboot meeting is held in the university campus of the Czech Technical University. Our rooms are located on the 3rd floor of the Faculty of Information Technology FIT CVUT. The dean of FIT CVUT, prof. Pavel Tvrdik accepted the patronage and also Czech Academic Science Network CESNET.

We have 2 conference rooms, one bigger (number 364) for circa 30 people with large table and one smaller (number 342) for about 10 people equipped with the projector and blackboard. The building location on the map. I arranged the Wifi connection and maybe I will get also wired connection. The rooms can be locked (I will have a key).

I will be there at Thrusday form 9 a.m. whith other folks which arrived day earlier. I think we will be there in about same time other days.

Check out the PragueMeetingHardware

FIXME: I'm in the process of getting some "free" food and water for our meeting.

Getting to the meeting

You can walk from hotel because it is just 500m. Whole route is here. If you turn left while leaving the hotel door, just follow the street until you see large building on the left side. Keep walking and you should see a big "obelisk" like ventilation. Just about 20m away is a main entrance. Now you need to bypass the security, because you won't get RFID card. Just tell the guard you go to the "coreboot meeting". Take the nearby elevator and go to the 3rd floor. It is room 364 and 342. I will try to put some paper signs to make it easier.

Meeting schedule

Please note times are not strict, just in case you need to present something, simply add yourself to the table.

Preliminary programme
Day 9:00 - 12:00 Lunch break 13:00 - 18:00 Evening
Thursday Ruik, Ron, Stefan, Patrick, start morning already! U Vodoucha
Friday U bansethu
Saturday visit to old sewage treatment plant (starts 18:00)
Sunday More sightseeing


The general plan is to visit interresting places in the late afternoon evenings. I will arrange some pubs where we can all fit.

We can visit some installation of Prague light festival.

Ladies programme

Please contact me if you are interrested, my GF can help here. The ladies will get also the discounted ticket for public transport.