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Welcome to coreboot!

Coreboot is a free BIOS/EFI replacement.

Why do you want coreboot?

  • It's fast! Only one second from poweron to bootloader (BIOS and EFI need up to 45 seconds).
  • It's free! It does not cost anything and you can modify it if you want.
  • It's secure! Real password protection (if you want) and the old "CMOS clear" trick can be disabled.
  • It's cool! You can build your own system like Splashtop or Expressgate even if your mainboard doesn't have it.
  • It unlocks hidden features! If your board or processor can do something but the BIOS/EFI is locked down, coreboot can enable those hidden features.
  • No longer begging the mainboard manufacturer for BIOS updates! Anyone with C programming experience can add features to coreboot, even if the manufacturer has stopped providing BIOS updates years ago.
  • It works with Windows, Linux and most other operating systems!
  • No legacy gunk! If you don't want BIOS compatibility, remove it with one click. If you don't want EFI compatibility, remove it with one click.
  • It's lightweight! Coreboot needs less than 64 kB ROM. BIOS and EFI need up to 2 MB.

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