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Please contact one of these licensed providers for quality coreboot consulting services

Marc Jones Consulting, LLC.

Marc Jones has been a leader in the coreboot community since 2007 and has worked in BIOS and embedded firmware since 1995.

Raptor Engineering

Raptor Engineering has been involved in coreboot since 2010. Timothy Pearson, their principal coreboot engineer, has ported several blob-free systems and mainboards to coreboot, in addition to maintaining and extending the native AMD support code. Raptor Engineering has significant experience in all aspects of system design, from board level design to firmware development, and is always looking for ways to create powerful, modern systems that respect their owner's rights.


3mdeb is a Poland-based brand dedicated to helping small companies change their idea into products by recommending technology, building prototypes and developing required software. Our expertise covers coreboot, Intel FSP and UEFI integration, ME/AMT related issues, Option ROMs, custom payloads development and various other areas.

SysPro Consulting

SysPro Consulting has been providing low-level software and firmware development services since 2001 to a wide variety of clientele, ranging from one-man startup companies to large international corporations such as Microsoft and Intel. Our services include the development of device drivers, embedded systems, operating system internals, real-time control systems, BIOS and boot loaders, etc. for industrial, commercial, military, and consumer applications. Specifically related to coreboot, SysPro Consulting provided consulting services to Intel for nearly 3 years, working directly with the Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) team within the Intel IoT organization, helping Intel’s customers enable coreboot bootloader solutions based around the Intel® FSP on their custom embedded hardware designs. Since completing that work for Intel, SysPro Consulting has been continuing to engage with a number of Intel customers directly to help them develop custom coreboot-based boot loader solutions for their own hardware designs.


Eltan is an engineering company providing solutions for the x86 market for 18 years with experienced engineers in this market since the start of this industry, over 30 years ago. Our team provides hardware, firmware and OS support to our customers to ensure the products will go to market with the highest quality available. Our customers are serving many different markets like automotive, rail, aviation, industrial automation, medical, public audio, video, broadcasting, vending, gambling, security, consumer etc. We are used to provide support to customers worldwide.

Our customers get a direct named engineering contact to ensure fast and cost effective development with results. For high quality, fast and competitive support please visit


9elements is a boutique software development company with over 18 years of experience developing applications for the web, mobile and embedded devices. In 2015 we began to explore the world of IoT solutions. In contrast to tradition firmware focused companies we are focused bringing best practices of usability and UI design in the consumer web and mobile space to bear on our development of firmware solutions. If you are interested in creating a custom payload with a well-designed UI, developing a trusted computing base or some other feature for coreboot don’t hesitate to contact us!


Ircona is a class leading design services company specializing in high speed digital hardware design, and associated embedded software. Our services include BIOS/UEFI, BSPs, device drivers, coreboot, firmware, bootloaders, Linux and RTOS kernel and user space development across a variety of platforms and protocols. Our experienced team can provide your complete coreboot solution.

See our coreboot services page for more details.

Felix Held

Felix Held is a German freelancer who has been active in the coreboot community since 2013.

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