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Before you begin

The PLCC32 BIOS chip is of type SST 49LF004B of which you need a spare pre-programmed piece.

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Flash type 4 Mbit SST 49LF004B

The ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe, an "nforce 4 sli" board probably shares the same PCB design with more solder pads populated (please confirm), and is also out of stock mostly.

The ASUS A8NE-FM/S has initial support in the form of a patch.

Hot plugging a BIOS chip was successfully done (pull out chip with glued-on handle while running Linux), so you don't necessarily need an external EPROM programmer, just a spare working 49LF004 chip. 8 MBit SST 49LF080A was also successfully flashed and booted with legacy BIOS (two images concatenated).

Known issues

  • Currently PS/2 keyboards do not work, but USB keyboards do.
  • Single DIMM support only.
  • The MAC address is stored in flash for almost all CK804/MCP55 boards. All of these boards flashed with LB probably have the same MAC address. See src/southbridge/nvidia/ck804/romstrap.inc and src/southbridge/nvidia/mcp55/romstrap.inc for details. On some of these boards, the MAC address is stored in a separate EEPROM, but you can't count on that.


If you can help out with this, please join the mailing list and let us know!

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