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This page is work in progress.


Device/functionality Status Comments
CPU works OK
L1 cache enabled
L2 cache enabled
L3 cache enabled N/A
Multiple CPU support N/A
Multi-core support N/A
Hardware virtualization N/A
Dual channel support N/A
ECC support N/A
On-board Hardware
On-board IDE 3.5" N/A
On-board IDE 2.5" N/A
On-board SATA N/A
On-board SCSI Unknown
On-board USB
On-board VGA
On-board Ethernet
On-board Audio
On-board Modem N/A
On-board FireWire N/A
On-board Smartcard reader N/A
On-board CompactFlash N/A
On-board PCMCIA N/A
On-board Wifi N/A
On-board Bluetooth N/A
On-board SD card reader N/A
Add-on slots/cards
ISA add-on cards N/A
Audio/Modem-Riser (AMR/CNR) cards N/A
PCI add-on cards N/A
Mini-PCI add-on cards Unknown
Mini-PCI-Express add-on cards Unknown
PCI-X add-on cards Unknown
AGP graphics cards N/A
PCI Express x1 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x2 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x4 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x8 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x16 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x32 add-on cards N/A
HTX add-on cards N/A
Legacy / Super I/O
Floppy N/A
Serial port 1 (COM1) OK
Serial port 2 (COM2)
Parallel port N/A
PS/2 keyboard N/A
PS/2 mouse N/A
Game port N/A
Infrared N/A
PC speaker
DiskOnChip N/A
Trackpoint N/A
Touchpad N/A
Fn Hotkeys N/A
Fingerprint Reader N/A
Docking VGA N/A
Docking LAN N/A
Docking USB N/A
Docking Audio N/A
Docking Displayport N/A
Thinklight N/A
Webcam N/A
Sensors / fan control
Hardware watchdog
SMBus Unknown
CAN bus N/A
CPU frequency scaling
Other powersaving features
Suspend Unknown
Nonstandard LEDs
High precision event timers (HPET)
Random number generator (RNG)
Wake on modem ring N/A
Wake on LAN
Wake on keyboard
Wake on mouse
TPM Unknown
Flashrom OK


This board still needs a binary blob from AMD called VSA. For coreboot-v3 build as dbe62. Then add the VSA. You can download the VSA blob from here. You need to uncompress it. It should be 57504 bytes in size and the MD5 hash should be 0f4fd87b3eef78bd90b56a39646f5845.

Copy that file into the root of your build system and execute the following command after coreboot is built and before you flash it.

$ build/util/lar/lar -C lzma -a build/bios.bin ./amd_vsa_lx_1.01.bin:blob/vsa
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