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|CPU_L1_status = OK
|CPU_L1_status = OK
|CPU_L1_comments = CPU: L1 I cache: 16K, L1 D cache: 16K
|CPU_L1_comments = CPU: L1 I cache: 16K, L1 D cache: 16K
|CPU_L2_status = WIP
|CPU_L2_status = OK
|CPU_L2_comments = L2 cache is not being enabled at the moment. We're working on fixing it.
|CPU_L2_comments = CPU: L2 cache: 512K (Tested: Pentium III 600MHz)
|CPU_L3_status = N/A
|CPU_L3_status = N/A
|CPU_multiple_status = N/A
|CPU_multiple_status = N/A

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This page lists the coreboot status of the ASUS P2B-LS mainboard. It's maintained by Keith Hui.


Device/functionality Status Comments
CPU works OK
L1 cache enabled OK CPU: L1 I cache: 16K, L1 D cache: 16K
L2 cache enabled OK CPU: L2 cache: 512K (Tested: Pentium III 600MHz)
L3 cache enabled N/A
Multiple CPU support N/A
Multi-core support N/A
Hardware virtualization N/A
Dual channel support N/A
ECC support WIP Not yet supported by the coreboot 440BX code, but it's on our TODO list.
On-board Hardware
On-board IDE 3.5" OK
On-board IDE 2.5" N/A
On-board SATA N/A
On-board SCSI WIP Detected, but not properly enabled. This will be fixed soon.
On-board USB OK
On-board VGA N/A
On-board Ethernet WIP Entry for onboard ethernet must be removed from devicetree.cb for it to work. This will be fixed soon.
On-board Audio N/A
On-board Modem N/A
On-board FireWire N/A
On-board Smartcard reader N/A
On-board CompactFlash N/A
On-board PCMCIA N/A
On-board Wifi N/A
On-board Bluetooth N/A
On-board SD card reader N/A
Add-on slots/cards
ISA add-on cards OK Tested: ISA POST card and Sound Blaster AWE64 ISA.
Audio/Modem-Riser (AMR/CNR) cards N/A
PCI add-on cards OK Tested: PCI NE2000 compatible ethernet card in all slots.
Mini-PCI add-on cards N/A
Mini-PCI-Express add-on cards Unknown
PCI-X add-on cards N/A
AGP graphics cards OK Tested: ATI 3D Rage IIC AGP 1X/2X.
PCI Express x1 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x2 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x4 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x8 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x16 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x32 add-on cards N/A
HTX add-on cards N/A
Legacy / Super I/O
Floppy Untested
Serial port 1 (COM1) OK
Serial port 2 (COM2) OK
Parallel port Untested
PS/2 keyboard OK
PS/2 mouse WIP
Game port N/A
Infrared Untested IR is the alternate role of COM2.
PC speaker Untested
DiskOnChip N/A
Trackpoint N/A
Touchpad N/A
Fn Hotkeys N/A
Fingerprint Reader N/A
Docking VGA N/A
Docking LAN N/A
Docking USB N/A
Docking Audio N/A
Docking Displayport N/A
Thinklight N/A
Webcam N/A
Sensors / fan control OK The sensor chip, W83781D, appears on I2C bus instead of ISA bus as with vendor BIOS, and is supported by w83781d and i2c-piix4 kernel modules.
Hardware watchdog N/A
SMBus SPD read works. Board has SMBus header, but is not tested.
CAN bus N/A
CPU frequency scaling N/A
Other powersaving features N/A
ACPI WIP ACPI support now being worked on.
Reboot OK
Poweroff WIP
Suspend Unknown
Nonstandard LEDs No Message LED requires ACPI and OS support.
High precision event timers (HPET) N/A
Random number generator (RNG) N/A
Wake on modem ring
Wake on LAN
Wake on keyboard
Wake on mouse
TPM Unknown
Flashrom OK Tested when flashing coreboot when booted both coreboot and vendor BIOS. Board not explicitly supported by flashrom but works out of the box with 0.9.2.

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