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   util/flashrom/flashrom -v -w linuxbios.rom
   util/flashrom/flashrom -v -w linuxbios.rom

===Running LinuxBIOS===

Now shut down your computer (a reset will not work, you need to power down), and restart it. Hook up a serial console so that you can see what's happening.
ACPI support is not implemented yet. This is a fairly major problem, and needs to be addressed soon.  

The MAC address for the onboard network card will have changed, so you may have to modify /etc/iftab (Debian/Ubuntu, see your distro documentation for the equivalent file) to get your network working.
There is also still an issue with I2C, which causes X startup to be very slow. You can bypass this problem by adding

  Option  "NoDDC2"

to your "Device" section.
If you can help out with this, please join the [[Mailinglist|mailing list]] and let us know!
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