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=== Building coreboot ===
=== Building coreboot ===

Make sure that the path to your payload is correct, by editing
See the [[Build HOWTO]] for information on how to build coreboot for this board.
and updating all the lines that start with 'payload'. There are 2 occurrences, one for the normal image, and one for the fallback image.
If you get compilation errors, you may need to disable the stack protector that is now enabled by default in the version of GCC shipped with some newer distros. See the [[stack protector]] page.
Now build a target directory:
  cd targets
  ./buildtarget gigabyte/m57sli
Finally build the image:
  cd gigabyte/m57sli/m57sli
This will generate a linuxbios.rom image, which is 512KB large. That's the file that should be burned into your BIOS chip.

== Burning coreboot ==
== Burning coreboot ==

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