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Documentation is now handled by the same processes we use for code: Add something to the Documentation/ directory in the coreboot repo, and it will be rendered to Contributions welcome!

Coreboot on the K8N Neo3 (MS-7135).

There are two versions of this board. The K8N Neo3 H has a solder-on PLCC flash and brown AGR slot. The K8N Neo3 F has a yellow AGR slot and a socketed flash.

In addition to the stock 512KiB LPC flash (such as Windbond W39V040A), 1MiB LPC flashes (SST 49VF080A) are usable.

Voltage Control

This section is presented for reference, coreboot currently ignores this chip, leaving the hardware-default memory voltage at 2.55v and the CK804 at 1.50v.

The MS-6 chip appears at address 0x2f (or 0x5e if you consider the R/W bit part of the address) on the secondary SMBus.

a register index, and then reading or writing a data byte.

MS-6 registers as used on MS-7135
index function
0x00 RAM voltage adjust
0x02 Southbridge core voltage adjust, via MS-6+ companion
Index 0x00
value volts
0x00 2.55v
0x01 2.50v
0x02 2.60v
0x03 2.65v
0x04 2.70v
Index 0x02
value volts
0x10 1.50v
0x11 1.55v
0x12 1.60v

A keen observer will note these are in this order in the OEM BIOS setup program.

The Mainboard

Device/functionality Status Comments
CPU works OK cpu0: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+, 2210.29 MHz
L1 cache enabled OK cpu0: I-cache 64 KB 64B/line 2-way, D-cache 64 KB 64B/line 2-way
L2 cache enabled OK cpu0: L2 cache 512 KB 64B/line 16-way
L3 cache enabled N/A
Multiple CPU support N/A
Multi-core support N/A
Hardware virtualization N/A
Dual channel support N/A
ECC support No Using ECC RAM causes machine to fail to get very far out of CAR.
On-board Hardware
On-board IDE 3.5" OK
On-board IDE 2.5" N/A
On-board SATA OK
On-board SCSI N/A
On-board USB OK
On-board VGA N/A
On-board Ethernet OK
On-board Audio OK
On-board Modem N/A
On-board FireWire N/A
On-board Smartcard reader N/A
On-board CompactFlash N/A
On-board PCMCIA N/A
On-board Wifi N/A
On-board Bluetooth N/A
On-board SD card reader N/A
Add-on slots/cards
ISA add-on cards N/A
Audio/Modem-Riser (AMR/CNR) cards N/A
PCI add-on cards OK
Mini-PCI add-on cards N/A
Mini-PCI-Express add-on cards Unknown
PCI-X add-on cards N/A
AGP graphics cards OK AGR slot, it's really legacy PCI. Interrupts untested.
PCI Express x1 add-on cards OK
PCI Express x2 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x4 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x8 add-on cards N/A
PCI Express x16 add-on cards OK
PCI Express x32 add-on cards N/A
HTX add-on cards N/A
Legacy / Super I/O
Floppy Untested
Serial port 1 (COM1) OK
Serial port 2 (COM2) OK
Parallel port Untested lpt0 at isa0 port 0x378-0x37b irq 7
PS/2 keyboard OK
PS/2 mouse OK
Game port N/A
Infrared N/A
PC speaker OK
DiskOnChip N/A
Trackpoint N/A
Touchpad N/A
Fn Hotkeys N/A
Fingerprint Reader N/A
Docking VGA N/A
Docking LAN N/A
Docking USB N/A
Docking Audio N/A
Docking Displayport N/A
Thinklight N/A
Webcam N/A
Sensors / fan control OK
Hardware watchdog Unknown
SMBus OK interrupts untested
CAN bus N/A
CPU frequency scaling No reboots when FID is changed
Other powersaving features N/A
ACPI No There's no ACPI implementation for this board.
Reboot OK
Poweroff No may need ACPI to work
Suspend Unknown
Nonstandard LEDs N/A
High precision event timers (HPET) Unknown
Random number generator (RNG) N/A
Wake on modem ring Unknown
Wake on LAN Unknown
Wake on keyboard Unknown
Wake on mouse Unknown
TPM Unknown
Flashrom OK
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