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What is LBdistro?

LBdistro is an improvement on buildrom to let user customize what binaries will be at final ROM. The original name was biosdistro but Uwe suggest me change it to LBdistro. In the LBdistro the user can just select at menus what applications will be added to ROM so the system will compile all applications, kernel and LinuxBIOS.

How to getting started?

First you need download the toolchain used to compile some LBdistro packages:


Extract it to /usr/local:

sudo tar jxvf toolchain.tar.bz2 -C /usr/local

Get last LBdistro from SVN repository:

svn co LBdistro

After that issue:

cd LBdistro
make menuconfig

For now only QEMU compilation is generating ROM, but other boards will be added after Kdrive and application works.

Known problems

There is some problems when compiling it on Debian and others (on Ubuntu 6.06 it works fine). This problem will be fixed ASAP.

In my system I need change the command "lzma e" to "lzma -z" to compress payload