Coreboot Symposium 2008

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general: breaks at 10-10:30, 12-1, 3-3:30


Time Speaker Topic
1:00-2:00 Ron Minnich Opening of the meeting and discussion of the last year
2:00-3:00 Stefan Reinauer Automated Testbed, GSoC 2007, 2008
3:00-3:30 break
3:30-4:00 Stefan Reinauer coresystems' various BIOS customers, recent ports and other related work
4:00-end hack session -- set up boards and prioritize the goals of the rest of the time


Time Speaker Topic
8:30-10:00 Marc Jones (AMD) AMD talks about whatever they want :-)

- consumer issues

- what's going on

- new ports this year

- K10?

10:00-10:30 break
10:30-12:00 Marc Karasek (Sun) Marc talks about his work at Sun with SimNow
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:00 Ron Minnich Ron gives an overview of v3, from the smallest to the large bits.

Sample build/burn session

3:00-3:30 break
3:30-4:00 open questions (please add some)

1. how do we tell when a board is good enough to move from v2 to v3?

What's the test?

2. What pending issues are there?

4:00-5:00 Ward Vandewege The view from the FSF -- what's going on, etc.


  • hack all day. We hope to fix the problems we prioritized Thursday.

What needs to be brought

  • monitor
  • power supplies

Who is bringing what

Ron: dbe61 and dbe62. Alix 1C. Alix LPC pod. Artec LPC pod. T23 with ubuntu. OLPC devel board for v3 test. (No OLPC, it's too distracting). Outlet strips. FS2 if it arrives from LANL on time (it may not). USB hubs? What else?

Ward: alix2c3, Artec LPC dongle. I can bring an alix.1c too but Ron's already bringing one.

Stefan: Advantech PCM-5820, possibly other boards, Artec LPC Dongle, ByteBlaster II (if it arrives in time), other JTAG cables on Request, Galep-5 Flash Writer, Flash Plaice(?)

Jordan: Norwich, FS2, ROM emulator, monitor, PS/2 keyboard, serial cable, laptop and lots of code.