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==Date and time==
==Date and time==
October 9-11 2015
October 9-11 2015
Friday: 9:00-19:00
* Friday: 9:00-19:00
Saturday: 9:00-16:00
* Saturday: 9:00-16:00
Sunday: 9:00-19:00
* Sunday: 9:00-19:00
==Signing up==
==Signing up==

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Invitation letter

Dear vendors, developers and interested parties,

on behalf of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) Germany I would like to invite you to the coreboot conference and developer meeting on October 9-11 2015 in Bonn, Germany.

This conference and developer meeting is geared towards manufacturers of hardware (processors, chipsets, mainboards and servers/ laptops/ tablets/ desktops/ appliances) as well as developers of firmware with an interest in coreboot and the possibilities it offers.

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in Germany will host the conference in Bonn, Germany. As the national cyber security authority, the goal of the BSI is to promote IT security in Germany. For this reason, the BSI has funded coreboot development in the past for security reasons.

The date of the coreboot conference is Friday October 9 to Sunday October 11, 2015. This is scheduled directly after Embedded Linux Conference Europe to make travel arrangements easier for people attending both events.

If your main interest is forging business relationships and/or strategic coordination and you want to skip the technical workshops, Friday (and possibly Saturday) will be the outreach day of talks, presentations and discussions.

If your main interest is doing development, you can use the separate developer room next to the during all three days of the conference.

Call for presentations

We are looking for interesting talks/presentations about coreboot related topics for the first (and possibly second) day of the conference. Please note that those presentations are not intended to be advertisements or company portfolio presentations. Expected duration is between 10 and 45 minutes.


Submission: Please send the title, a brief summary, the expected duration and name/organization of the speaker to <coreboot-conference@bsi.bund.de> until September 21. We will notify you of acceptance until September 28. If you want us to make sure the slides work fine with the projector at the venue, please submit your final slides in pdf form before October 7.

Call for discussion topics and development suggestions

We hope to stimulate discussion and foster new ideas as well as explore ways to improve code, development and deployment. The format for this will be a few minutes (1-5) of presenting your idea/topic followed by discussing it with the audience for approximately 5-20 minutes.


While there is no formal deadline for submission, we'd appreciate a submission to <coreboot-conference@bsi.bund.de> before October 2 to be able to list the topic on the agenda to allow others to think about the topic in advance.

Call for profiles

This is the chance to tell others what you're doing, what you can offer and in what area you'd like to collaborate. If desired, we can attempt to distribute your profile to other conference participants before the conference.


Please submit such profiles before September 30 to <coreboot-conference@bsi.bund.de>.

Call for developers

If you want to do development all day, every day, just come and do it. We have power, networking and some spare hardware (please tell us in advance if you need something on site, we might have it in our lab).

Travel information

If you wonder about how to reach Bonn, there are three options available by plane: The closest is Cologne Airport (CGN), 30 minutes by bus to Bonn main station. Next is Dusseldorf Airport (DUS), 1 hour by train to Bonn main station. The airport with most international destinations is Frankfurt Airport (FRA), 1 hour by train to Bonn main station.

Conference location

Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn Ahrstrasse 45 53175 Bonn GERMANY

Getting there

http://www.stifterverband.info/veranstaltungen/wissenschaftszentrum_bonn/anfahrt/index.html (German only) An English version of the directions will be made available soon at http://coreboot.org/coreboot_conference_Bonn_2015


Accommodation is not centrally organized, but if desired we can point you to websites listing hotel contact information and/or booking services as well as the local tourist information office. We also have a small allotment of rooms close to the venue reserved for conference participants, just ask us.

Spare time activities

If there is enough interest, it might be possible to get a tour of the former top secret bunker of the German Federal Government on Saturday evening. More info at http://regbu.de/Fremdsprachen/GB1.html Besides that, Bonn and Cologne have lots of tourist attractions

Food and drinks

More info will be posted to http://coreboot.org/coreboot_conference_Bonn_2015 shortly.

Date and time

October 9-11 2015

  • Friday: 9:00-19:00
  • Saturday: 9:00-16:00
  • Sunday: 9:00-19:00

Signing up

To enable us to estimate the number of attendees (for catering etc.), please notify us ASAP whether you will attend the conference at <coreboot-conference@bsi.bund.de>. Thank you!

All information is also available at http://coreboot.org/coreboot_conference_Bonn_2015

Sincerely, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger