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=== SDRAM ===
=== SDRAM ===
There are a number of steps you have to perform to properly initialize SDRAM. This depends on the chipset, as well as the DIMMs which are inserted into the mainboard (and their properties, such as CAS latencies, and so on).
Sample northbridge datasheets:
* http://support.intel.com/design/chipsets/810/
* http://support.intel.com/design/chipsets/datashts/290656.htm?iid=ipp_810chpst+body_gmch&
* http://download.intel.com/design/chipsets/datashts/29065602.pdf
Sample SDRAM datasheets:
* http://www.micron.com/products/partdetail?part=MT48LC16M16A2BG-75
* http://download.micron.com/pdf/datasheets/dram/sdram/256MSDRAM.pdf 256MSDRAM.pdf

=== DDR ===
=== DDR ===

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