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It's also handy to have one/some/all of the following:
It's also handy to have one/some/all of the following:
=== PLAICE: Programmer, Logic Analyzer and In-Circuit Emulator ===
The [http://flash-plaice.wikispaces.com PLAICE] is a powerful in circuit development tool that combines the features of programming and emulating FLASH devices as well as high speed multi-channel logic analysis into one device.
The FLASH BIOS emulator feature will help speed development of coreboot porting since the developer will no longer have to wait for either swapping FLASH devices or for lengthy FLASH programming cycles.
The design will also perform as a multi-channel logic analyzer with a JAVA client.
The PLAICE will make use of an adapter cable that will interface to the mainboard via the FLASH BIOS socket or onto the pins of a soldered in place FLASH device. It may also be used to program a FLASH device or emulate a FLASH device in circuit. Since the PLAICE attaches directly to the in-circuit FLASH device, the FLASH may be programmed without the need to reverse engineer any FLASH WRITE/ENABLE "security through obscurity" protection schemes incorporated into a mainboard.
See also: [http://hardware.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/05/01/0017244 Slashdot: An Open Source Hardware Development Tool].
=== Artecgroup programmable LPC dongle ===
=== Artecgroup programmable LPC dongle ===

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