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This page contains information on how to get started building and installing LinuxBIOS, as well as build tutorials for various specific motherboards.

Build Tutorials

Port Guides

Here are some port guides and experiences.

Other Documentation


FreeVGA: Architecture Independent Video Graphics Initialization for LinuxBIOS

  • Li-Ta Lo, Gregory R. Watson, Ronald G. Minnich
  • Usenix, February 25 2005 (??)
  • [ html | pdf ]

Supermon: High performance monitoring for Linux clusters


  • Cluster Research Brochure
  • prepared for SC 2000, November 4-10 2000
  • [ pdf ]

The Linux BIOS

LOBOS (Linux OS Boots Linux OS): Booting a Kernel in 32-bit Mode

Putting Linux on your motherboard

Look Ma, No Bios

A Framework for Using Processor Cache as RAM (CAR)

  • Eswaramoorthi Nallusamy
  • University of New Mexico
  • [ ppt ]


These books do not address LinuxBIOS specifically but provide background information useful for BIOS-level programming on PC hardware.