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* [[Abuild]]
* [[Abuild]]
* [[AMD Geode Porting Guide]]
* [[AMD Geode Porting Guide]]
* [[AMD Family 10h Porting Guide]]
* [[Nvidia CK804 Porting Notes]]
* [[Nvidia CK804 Porting Notes]]
* [[Datasheets]]
* [[Datasheets]]

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This page is a collection of coreboot-related documentation resources, HOWTOs, development notes, articles and papers.

Obsolete documentation

This is a list of obsolete or heavily outdated documentation, any information here should be used with care.

coreboot v3 (obsolete):

coreboot v1 (obsolete):



  • Breaking the Chains -- Using LinuxBIOS to Liberate Embedded x86 Processors, Jordan H. Crouse, Marc E. Jones, Ronald G. Minnich.

[ pdf | pdf (local copy) ]

  • LinuxBIOS - Freedom for your motherboard, Alan Carvalho de Assis
    • FISL 8.0 (8th Forum Internacional de Software Livre). [ pdf ]
  • FreeVGA: Architecture Independent Video Graphics Initialization for LinuxBIOS, Li-Ta Lo, Gregory R. Watson, Ronald G. Minnich
    • Usenix, February 25 2005 (??). [ html | pdf ]
  • Flexibility in ROM: A Stackable Open Source BIOS, Adam Agnew, Adam Sulmicki, Ronald Minnich, William Arbaugh
    • USENIX 2003 Annual Technical Conference, FREENIX Track, [ HTML ]
  • Supermon: High performance monitoring for Linux clusters, Ron Minnich, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Karen Reid, University of Toronto
  • LOBOS and LinuxBIOS, Cluster Research Brochure
    • Prepared for SC 2000, November 4-10 2000, [ pdf ]
  • Putting Linux on your motherboard, Antony Stone
  • A Framework for Using Processor Cache as RAM (CAR), Eswaramoorthi Nallusamy
    • University of New Mexico, [ ppt | pdf]


These books do not address LinuxBIOS specifically but provide background information useful for BIOS-level programming on PC hardware.