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   % # get gpg key for checking signed archives
   % # get gpg key for checking signed archives
   % wget \
   % wget \
   % gpg --import < linuxbios-developers-keyring.gpg
   % gpg --import < linuxbios-developers-keyring.gpg
   % # now do some one time registrations
   % # now do some one time registrations

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LinuxBIOS keeps its development tree in a GNU arch repository. You may need to install GNU arch to be able to download the latest tree. You can find a tar of GNU arch at ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/gnu-arch/.

If you do not want to use GNU arch, please have a look at the Snapshots section below.

Anonymous access

You can check it out as follows (instead of tla you can also use baz):

  % # get gpg key for checking signed archives
  % wget \
  % gpg --import < linuxbios-developers-keyring.gpg
  % # now do some one time registrations
  % tla my-id "John Doe <doe@example.com>" # Add your email address here
  % tla register-archive \
  % # now check out the archive
  % tla get linuxbios@linuxbios.org--devel/freebios--devel--2.0 freebios2

Developer Access


If you want to get write access to the LinuxBIOS repository, you need the following:

  • GnuPG key (can be created with gpg --gen-key)
  • SSH v2 key (can be created with ssh-keygen -t dsa)

Gentoo users

If you are running Gentoo you are going to need to `emerge tla`


  • Get the arch key I created for the import from CVS.
 $ wget 'http://wiki.linuxbios.org/data/arch/linuxbios-developers-keyring.gpg'
 $ gpg --import linuxbios-developers-keyring.gpg
  • Prepare GNU arch for LinuxBIOS
 # Set your default id:
 $ tla my-id "John Doe <doe@example.com>"
 # similar to cvs login, tell gnuarch where to find the archive:
 $ tla register-archive sftp://lxbios@openbios.org/srv/arch/linuxbios@linuxbios.org--devel
 # prepare gnupg signature checking:
 $ mkdir -p ~/.arch-params/signing
 $ echo "gpg --clearsign" > ~/.arch-params/signing/\=default
 $ echo "gpg --verify-files -" > ~/.arch-params/signing/\=default.check

Check out

 $ tla get linuxbios@linuxbios.org--devel/freebios--devel--2.0 freebios2

Working on the tree

Now you can start editing the files. The following applies for symlinks and directories as well.

  • New files are added with
 $ tla add filename
  • files can also be renamed using:
 $ tla mv fileA fileB
  • files can also be renamed using:
 $ tla mv fileA fileB
  • files can be deleted:
 $ tla rm file

When you're done editing/patching:

  • Look at your changes:
 $ tla changes


 $ tla changes --diffs
  • Check the tree:

You can do consistency checks on your tree with:

 $ tla tree-lint
 $ tla inventory -Bu

Check if your tree is current:

 $ tla missing

This will output a list of missing changesets in your local tree, ie:


In which case you should do a

 $ tla update

before you commit.



 $ $EDITOR $( tla make-log )

Commit your local tree

 $ tla commit

This will ask you for your gpg passphrase (and possibly your ssh key password if you set one). Then it will create a new revision in the repository.

Source code browsing

You can also browse the LinuxBIOS arch repository online.

See more repositories at http://www.openbios.org/cgi-bin/viewarch.cgi


There is an archive of snapshots available at snapshots.linuxbios.org. There is a .bz2 tar file that gets updated when the repository changes. Older snapshots are maintained as well.

Mirroring the repository

This is very simple. Do:

 wget -m ftp://ftp.openbios.org/pub/arch

Which gives you a snapshot in time of the archive. To create a mirror usable by arch:

 tla register-archive linuxbios@linxubios.org--devel-SOURCE ftp://openbios.org/pub/arch/linuxbios@linuxbios.org--devel                                                          
 tla register-archive linuxbios@linuxbios.org--devel ~/{archives}/linuxbios@linuxbios.org--devel
 echo gpg --clearsign > ~/.arch-params/signing/=default
 echo gpg --verify-files - > ~/.arch-params/signing/=default.check
 echo linuxbios@linuxbios.org--devel--SOURCE > ~/.arch-params/signing/linuxbios@linuxbios.org--devel

To update the mirror with the most recent contents:

 tla archive-mirror linuxbios@linuxbios.org --devel

Just don't do this in an account where you plan to commit to the upstream archive.

Creating a branch you can edit in local archive

 tla tag -S linuxbios@linuxbios.org--devel/freebios--devel--2.0 you@yourarchive/freebios--devel--2.0

More on tla