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See also [[EHCI Debug Port]].
See also [[EHCI Debug Port]].
== How do I use a null-modem cable to get LinuxBIOS debugging output over a serial port? ==
* First, you'll want to set up a terminal program, e.g. '''minicom''' correctly.
$ minicom -s
  -> Serial port setup
  -> Press A and enter your COM device (ttyS0 or ttyS1 or ttyUSB0, depending on your COM port)
  -> Press E and choose "115200 8N1" (default)
  -> Disable Hardware and Software Flow Control (via F and G)
  -> Press enter to leave the menu
  -> Save setup as..
  ->  Enter "lb"
  -> Exit from minicom
* From now on, you can start minicom with the obove settings simply by typing:
$ minicom -o lb

=== What documentation do I need? ===
=== What documentation do I need? ===

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