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== Developers ==
== Developers ==
=== Where can I buy empty BIOS chips? ===
When developing or simply trying out LinuxBIOS you always need a means to revert to your old BIOS in case something goes wrong. One way to do this is to get an extra BIOS chip (PLCC or DIP) and copy your original BIOS image onto that chip (using [[Flashrom]], for example). If you have a socketed BIOS (not soldered onto the mainboard), you can the hot-swap the chips while your computer is running.
You have several options to get spare BIOS chips:
* Most local or online electronics dealers carry some, for example:
** Germany:
*** http://www.bios-chip.de
*** http://www.bios-fix.de
*** http://www.conrad.de
* You can search eBay for BIOS chips (either empty ones or pre-flashed ones).
* You can rip out chips from old/broken mainboards and re-use them (you can check flea markets, eBay, etc. for cheap and/or broken mainboards).

=== What kind of hardware tools do I need? ===
=== What kind of hardware tools do I need? ===

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