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==== How can I retrieve a good video bios? ====
Note: if you are following these instructions to build LinuxBIOS for your motherboard, this is only necessary if you have a motherboard with an embedded VGA card. If your VGA is an add-on card, LinuxBIOS will find and run the ROM by itself.
Anton Borisov has released a number of tools under the GPL (v2) to extract the VGA BIOS from the BIOS ROM images provided by the supplier of your motherboard.
You can download them here:
  Award BIOS: http://kaos.ru/biosgfx/download/awardeco-0.2.src.tar.gz
  AMI BIOS: http://www.kaos.ru/biosgfx/download/AmiDeco_0.31e.src.tar.gz
  Insyde BIOS: http://www.kaos.ru/biosgfx/download/InsyDeco_0.3.src.tar.gz
  Phoenix BIOS: http://www.kaos.ru/biosgfx/download/PhoenixDeco_0.33.src.tar.gz
See the [[Tyan S2881 Build Tutorial]] for more information on how to use these tools.

== Obsolete FAQ items ==
== Obsolete FAQ items ==

Please see [[FAQ/Obsolete]] for (probably) obsolete FAQ items.
Please see [[FAQ/Obsolete]] for (probably) obsolete FAQ items.

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