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Time and Place

Saturday and Sunday, 5th and 6th of February 2011, at FOSDEM2011 in Brussels, Belgium.


FOSDEM is simply the biggest free software developers event in Europe. For the last 11 years, on one weekend in February, a campus from the Brussels Free University gets raided by some 5000 open source developers and enthusiasts. There are main tracks with high profile talks, there are project specific devrooms with talks and hands on session, there are booths, and all of it is free (although donations are appreciated).

coreboot+flashrom lightning talks

coreboot will have a lightning talk, time TBA

flashrom will have a lightning talk, time TBA

coreboot+flashrom booth/stand

coreboot+flashrom will have a joint booth at FOSDEM this year.


  • Sat 14h00 -- Coreboot: x86 system boot and initialization (Rudolf Marek)
  • Sat 14h20 -- flashrom: Run your BIOS/EFI/firmware updates under any free OS (Carl-Daniel Hailfinger)
  • XXX Cold boot attacks on RAM readout (Carl-Daniel Hailfinger)

Organizational info

See Talk:FOSDEM 2011