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This page collects sweeping changes on the tree that might have an impact on boards that weren't tested by the developer, or on uncommitted development. It's sorted by revision (and thus date) and provides a Changelog to anyone who needs to update older trees.

To prevent inaccuracies, changes prior to the creation of this page aren't logged. The head revision at the time of creation of this page was r5151.

r5152: Change in PS/2 keyboard API

void init_pc_keyboard(unsigned port0, unsigned port1, struct pc_keyboard *kbd); is replaced by void pc_keyboard_init(struct pc_keyboard *keyboard);, dismissing the first two arguments (which had to be the constant values 0x60, 0x64 before).

This should only have an impact on locally developed SuperIO code that might require to follow this change.

See http://www.coreboot.org/pipermail/coreboot/2010-February/056012.html