GM45 Thinkpad Internal flashing research

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Here is a log of flashrom on the flash chip of an X200T In the log, we can see that the BIOS region is set read-write in the flash descriptor:

      Descr. BIOS ME GbE Platf.
BIOS    r     rw      rw   rw
ME      r         rw  rw     
GbE                   rw     

The issue is that the BIOS reagion is still partially locked:

0x74: 0x9fff07e0 PR0: Warning: 0x007e0000-0x01ffffff is read-only.

The flash descriptor probably cannot be reflashed easily from the x86 CPU, however messing with the ME partition is probably doable if we get luck with the BIOS: If we remove the RAM from slot0, the BIOS outputs an error message on the screen and refuses to boot. I guess it's related to what mysteries_intel.txt (inside flashrom source ) was mentionning.