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* Fix lbgrub2 for LinuxBIOS v2
* Fix lbgrub2 for LinuxBIOS v2
** GRUB2's grub-mkimage needs to put the program headers right after the elf header. (Fix available)
* USB stack integration
* USB stack integration
* Fix larfs to reflect latest changes
* Fix larfs to reflect latest changes

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Our long term goal is to replace the common LinuxBIOS payload FILO with a LinuxBIOS-capable version of GRUB2.


Patrick Georgi has been working on GRUB2 for LinuxBIOS during the Google Summer of Code 2007.

Find his code here:


How to build GRUB2 as a payload

$ # build lbgrub2:
$ # target/target_alias assume that you use i386-elf-gcc
$ configure --with-platform=linuxbios --prefix=$PWD/installed 
$ make && make install
$ $PWD/installed/bin/grub-mkimage -o core.img normal fat iso9660 ext2 pc atadisk rom lar ls cat cmp hello help serial terminal test configfile multiboot boot loopback

How to help?

Contact Stefan Reinauer or the LinuxBIOS mailing list for more information.