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GRUB2 is a modular, multiboot-capable bootloader for many operating systems that can be used as a payload for coreboot.


  • The mainline version of GRUB2 has a wiki page on the coreboot port (Update: no longer available)
  • Additional information about our former GRUB2 effort (which was part of Google Summer of Code 2007) can be found in the history of this page. Don't expect any link there to work.
  • As an alternative, you could consider using FILO. Both FILO and GRUB2 have various advantages and disadvantages. Which of the two is better suited depends on your requirements.
  • Yet another alternative is to not put GRUB into the BIOS ROM, but have it run from your disk as you would with a vendor BIOS. For that, you can use SeaBIOS as payload, which will then be able to run either GRUB1 or GRUB2 from your disk.

Compiling GRUB2 for being use as a payload

See Talk:GRUB2 and here for more details.


bzr branch
cd grub
./configure --with-platform=coreboot

combining with coreboot

cd grub-core
tar cvjpf ../../memdisk.tar acpi.mod* ahci.mod* all_video.mod* ata.mod* at_keyboard.mod*  boot* cat.mod* chain.mod* efiemu.mod* ehci.mod* elf.mod* exfat.mod* ext2.mod* fat.mod* http.mod* iso9660.mod* linux.mod* loopback.mod* lsacpi.mod* ls.mod* luks.mod* lvm.mod* mdraid09.mod* mdraid1x.mod* memdisk.mod* multiboot2.mod* net.mod* newc.mod* normal.mod* ntfscomp.mod* ntfs.mod* ohci.mod* part_gpt.mod* part_msdos.mod* password.mod* password_pbkdf2.mod* pata.mod* pci.mod* play.mod* png.mod* probe.mod* reboot.mod* squash4.mod* tar.mod* terminal.mod* terminfo.mod* tftp.mod* udf.mod*  uhci.mod* usb_keyboard.mod*  usb.mod* vbe.mod* vga.mod* video_fb.mod* videoinfo.mod* video.mod* videotest.mod* #fixme: verify that all modules inside that are sufficent for booting.
../grub-mkimage -d . -O i386-coreboot -o ../../grub2.elf memdisk tar -m ../../memdisk.tar