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Google Summer of Code 2007

Booting Windows and other Operating Systems in LinuxBIOS

The goal of this sub project is to figure out how to boot Windows Vista/XP/2003. There are two approaches that might proof successful: Using a dedicated LinuxBIOS loader (ie. adapting ReactOS freeloader), or booting Windows on top of Linux using kexec/kboot.

Port Grub2 to work in LinuxBIOS

Grub2 is going to be _the_ bootloader of choice in the forseeable future. As such, it could replace both Grub legacy and FILO, the LinuxBIOS hack for grub compatibility. FILO lacks many features that come with grub2 with no extra effort.

SCSI booting in LinuxBIOS

Currently LinuxBIOS can not boot from an arbitrary SCSI controller. There are two solutions for the problem:

  • Use Linux and Kexec. This requires to keep the SCSI driver in the flash chip.
  • Use x86emu/vm86/ADLO and the int13 method. This would allow to use the PCI option rom available on all modern SCSI controllers.


If you are interested in becoming a GSoC student, please contact Stefan Reinauer or Ronald Minnich