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As part of our move to gerrit, git was introduced as primary SCM.

Register with gerrit

For authenticated access (to submit patches) you'll need a gerrit account which you can register at You also need to add your ssh keys (which are used for authenticating your connections to the repo) and your email addresses (used to match up signed-off-by: statements) to your gerrit user data at

Gerrit workflow

Gerrit interprets commits as individual changes. These are be autobuilt by Jenkins, and can be reviewed by developers. Once they get a positive review and have no build issues, they can be merged to the master branch. Thus, no developer directly pushes to master.

Reviews grant points on a scale from -2 to 2. The meaning is:

* -2: Do not merge (blocks gerrit from merging)
* -1: I'd prefer you don't merge it
* 0: neutral
* +1: Looks good, but I won't make the last call on it
* +2: Looks good, go ahead and merge (gerrit provides a "submit" function once it has a +2 vote)

Gerrit and CLI

Reviews normally happens through the website.

Since gerrit exposes an interface through its ssh daemon, it's also possible to do reviews from CLI or mail. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any standing tradition on how to build a workflow around these parts, so we'll document our best practices here once they settled.

Anonymous read access

Read-only access is available anonymously:

git clone

Authenticated read/write access

git clone ssh://<username>

Inside the checkout you should install the commit-msg hook which prepares commit messages to fit the style required by gerrit. This needs to happen only once per clone and can be done with

wget -O .git/hooks/commit-msg

pushing changes

When you committed your changes locally, you can push them to the server using

 git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master

This will create a review request per commit on gerrit.

For automating some aspects of patch submission (ie. simplify the command line), see the last paragraph of


There is no code browser that's properly synced with our gerrit instance at this time. This is a work in progress.