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This is a random list of ideas for features which would be nice to have in LinuxBIOS (or a payload).

Having an item here does not mean that someone is necessarily already working on it.

Ideas / Wishlist

Hardware Features

  • Support for the NX-bit.
  • Config option for enabling/disabling HPET (high precision event timers) on all boards which have them.
  • Config option for enabling/disabling hardware virtualization.
  • Config option for enabling/disabling the TPM chip on boards which have one.
  • Config option for enabling/disabling the processor serial number to be read by the OS.


  • Flashrom-like payload to allow reflashing the BIOS without having to load an OS, boot from floppies or similar.
  • Busybox-style mini-payload for recovery purposes (possible already to a certain degree, but should be simplified).
  • fips-like payload to allow basic partitioning,FS-check and swap enable,disable.
  • Bios setup payload.
  • A nice splashscreen 800×600px for desktop users, from which a selection of different payloads are possible.
  • Security payload, which allowes encrytion of the filesystem on any harddisk and usb-stick. Userauthentication with usb-dongle or fingerprint sensor or chipcard-terminal with PKCS 15.


  • ...