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Booth location

Hall 7.2a 106

Who will be there

What needs to be brought

  • flat screen monitor
    • Paul will bring a 17" flat screen.
  • flyers, information material
  • 4-in-1 Monitor switch
  • ethernet switch
  • power strip (1 for the booth)
  • keyboard
  • tools (screw driver, etc.)
  • ethernet card which flashrom supports?

Ideas for presentation


  • Make coreboot known to more people.
  • Show flashrom and how it now also supports ethernet cards and SATA cards and runs also on BSD and Solaris.
  • Get more developers.
  • Get in touch with hardware manufactures.


  • To catch the attention of the visitors, we should have a catchy slogan being displayed on the flat screen.

How to answer best the following questions?

  • Is my board supported?
    • We can say that additionally to AMD and VIA now even a rather recent board with an Intel chipset (Kontron_986LCD-M_mITX) is supported.
    • But the main problem will be that AMD still has not yet released the code for their 780(?) chipsets. So only the VIA VX800 is a recent chipset(?).
  • What benefit does it have?
  • How do I profit from it?
  • Is not hibernate/suspend the future?

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