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[[media:Linux-nokia-ip530-coreboot.tar.gz|Download 32Mb CF card image (7.9Mb)]]
[[media:Linux-nokia-ip530-coreboot.tar.gz|Download 32Mb CF card image (7.9Mb)]]
== Flashing ==
Depending on the board revision, the board revision can be found on the inside of the machine, its on little stickers
on the right-side of the board. Do the following steps:
#flashrom /home/coreboot-nokia-ip530-board-rev-a.rom
#flashrom /home/coreboot-nokia-ip530-board-rev-b.rom
When you flashed the rom you can reboot the machine with
== Starting ==
== Starting ==

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Installing coreboot on machine using a CF

The image linux-nokia-ip530-coreboot.img is a 32Mb image which can be placed on the standard CF card. This image was initial intended for the nokia-ip530, but can be used for upgrading, testing and developing coreboot on a x86 system. This is not a distrubution, but a lean and mean installation with a stable kernel. It uses the serial port as its main console at 115200n81. And its easy to personalize for developming and testing needs. Just compile the kernel on a development system and copy the bzImage file to the CF filesystem.

#[sudo] dd of=/dev/<cf-card-device> of=./linux-nokia-ip530-coreboot.img

Download 32Mb CF card image (7.9Mb)


Then you should see that the COREBOOT bios is starting. And the command prompt should appear again. Now you're ready to install the system with Linux.


Via distro that can install via serial console

If you have a installation CD with serial IO than remove the CF card and hook up a CDROM and HDD to the primary IDE controller and start the installation.

Via distro installation on a DONOR PC

Otherwise use a other PC as donor, hook up the HDD and install Linux there.

Configure linux

The kernel boot customation "apci=off console=ttyS0,115200n8" apci=off is nessary due that the Nokia-IP530 coreboot bios does'nt support APCI yet.

Make sure that the ttyS0 is enabled in inittab, or some other place depending on the distro.

And now your machine is ready to run......

Other OSes

It should be posible to run any OS that is able to run without the following devices: - Videocard - Keyboard - Mouse - Floppy - Paralell port

So NO windows :-)


Havefun with your Nokia-IP530, any remarks about this please email me on pe2mbs@yahoo.co.uk

You can mail me too if you have a board revision that is not supported yet, you must be able to load the rom image "coreboot-nokia-ip530-board-rev-b.rom", but be prepared that maybe not all hardware is working.