Mini HOWTO: using a CF card for testing and developing coreboot

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Installing coreboot on machine using a CF

The image linux-nokia-ip530-coreboot.img is a 32Mb image which can be placed on the standard CF card. This image was initial intended for the nokia-ip530, but can be used for upgrading, testing and developing coreboot on a x86 system. This is not a distrubution, but a lean and mean installation with a stable kernel. It uses the serial port as its main console at 115200n81. And its easy to personalize for developming and testing needs. Just compile the kernel on a development system and copy the bzImage file to the CF filesystem.

#[sudo] dd of=/dev/<cf-card-device> of=./linux-nokia-ip530-coreboot.img

Download 32Mb CF card image (7.9Mb)


When you start from the CF card the EXTlinux loader is used to load Linux, just give ENTER

When the kernel is starting you see the console log on the serial port. And last a console prompt.

No user login and/or password is required.


Via distro that can install via serial console

If you have a installation CD with serial IO than remove the CF card and hook up a CDROM and HDD to the primary IDE controller and start the installation.

Via distro installation on a DONOR PC

Otherwise use a other PC as donor, hook up the HDD and install Linux there.