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2005/06/02 AMD dual core supported in LinuxBIOS

The AMD dual core support code is in public tree now. It includes

  • AMD D0/E0 Opteron new mem mapping support
  • AMD E Opteron dual core support
  • AMD E Opteron mem hole support
  • AMD K8 Four Ranks DIMM support --- Quad Ranks.


2005/05/11 Nvidia CK804 (NForce4) supported in LinuxBIOS

The Nvidia CK804 support code is in public tree now. It includes

  • Nvidia CK804 support
  • smbus bus number support (to handle multi sumbus and mux)
  • superio smsc47 support
  • Tyan S2895/S2891/S2892 support
  • flash_rom Ck804 support


2005/04/22 How Many People Are Using LinuxBIOS? Would you believe 1,000,000?

This question comes up to us all the time. Last week, I got an amazing answer. First, let me mention that I tell skeptical people at vendors all the time, when asked this question: "A lot more than just the cluster community. The real use is in the embedded world". Well, again, last week, I found out just how real that use is.

The system in question is the STPC Consumer. Evidently, this chipset is used in an internet terminal sold in India. It runs LinuxBIOS and Linux.

There are at least one MILLION (1,000,000) of these things in use. I realize that is not much compared to the size of some markets, but had you told me six years ago that one million systems would be using LinuxBIOS in 2005, I don't think I would have believed you.


2005/03/01 LinuxBIOS Wiki up and running

After a week of testing and playing around, LinuxBIOS has a brand new Wiki now.

2005/02/28 LinuxBIOS slashdotted again.

After Richard Stallman's call for support of free BIOS LinuxBIOS was slashdotted this weekend.