Nvidia MCP55 Porting Notes

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Interrupt Routing Registers

Values for routing IRQ's:

Value APIC Pin (hex.) APIC Pin (dec.)
0x01 0x17 23
0x02 0x16 22
0x03 0x10 16
0x04 0x11 17
0x05 0x05 5
0x06 0x12 18
0x07 0x7 7
0x08 0x14 20
0x09 0x09 9
0x0A 0x0a 10
0x0B 0x0b 11
0x0C 0x13 19
0x0D 0x15 21
0x0E 0x0E 14
0x0F 0x0F 15