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Here's a list of vendors and their products or services related to coreboot. Please contact us if you wish to add your product/company to the list.

Artec Group

Artec Group runs coreboot on their Geode LX based DBE61 ThinCan system.

Cluster Labs

Cluster Labs sells a 1.1 GHz PIII cluster node with 1 GB memory, fast ethernet, and boots coreboot.


corehost is the first hosting provider in the world to deploy hardware that runs coreboot. You can rent virtual or dedicated servers based on hardware that runs coreboot.

coresystems GmbH

coresystems GmbH is offering coreboot based services and products. If you are a hardware/appliance vendor and want your system running coreboot, contact coresystems. As a coreboot contributor, coresystems is hosting the coreboot development repository, mailing list and web page.


The Cray Xd1 is an Opteron-based system which runs coreboot.

CW Linux

CW Linux offers pre-installed coreboot motherboards, SDK and related hardware for people want to use or develop applications on coreboot. It also provides professional services for custom coreboot-based system development.

i-TECH Corp.

i-TECH is selling test and analysis tools with coreboot, including all its "Satellite" Fibre Channel analyzers (IFC-3016, IFC-4016, IFC-30, IFC40) and "PassPort"-based test and analysis tools.


Linutop is going to ship coreboot on their diskless computers.

Linux Labs

Linux Labs is selling LinuxBIOS Beowulf clusters comprised of 1U x86-based nodes with LinuxBIOS installed.

Linux NetworX

Linux NetworX, a major contributor to the coreboot project, used to sell a variety of cluster solutions with coreboot installed. LNXI was recently bought by Cray.


LUCIDA is shipping several of their thin clients, e.g. the LT2610 and the LT3712 with coreboot, according to their website.


MikroTik is offering the Routerboard 200 series which seems to be shipped with coreboot (devices from other Routerboard series might use coreboot, too).

O.N.E. Technologies

O.N.E. Technologies offers coreboot on all their x86 products and offers coreboot development services.

Sage Electronic Engineering

Sage Electronic Engineering has developed the Sage SmartProbe and EDK for AMD systems development and debug. Sage also offers coreboot, Linux, and systems development services.

Silicon Mechanics

Silicon Mechanics will ship their Rackform nServ A236 with coreboot preinstalled if requested. See our news item from 2008/04/04. The Rackform nServ A255 uses the same motherboard, and is also available with coreboot.


VIA is helping the coreboot community support new EPIA mainboards and VIA chipsets with several code donations and open programming guides. With key input from VIA, coreboot will soon support over 30 Mini-ITX mainboards. These mainboards are made by VIA, Jetway, Phitronics and MSI featuring the VIA C7 CPU, CN700 and VT8237 chipset.

The Linux VIA Portal aims to expand cooperation with open source communities by providing drivers, chipset programming manuals and source code for select Linux distributions to technical software developers.