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Here's a list of vendors and their products running LinuxBIOS. Please contact us if you wish to add your product to the following list.

Cluster Labs

Cluster Labs sells a 1.1 GHZ PIII cluster node with 1 GB memory, fast ethernet, and boots LinuxBIOS.

coresystems GmbH

coresystems GmbH is offering LinuxBIOS based services and products. As a LinuxBIOS contributor, coresystems is hosting the LinuxBIOS development repository and web page.


The Cray Xd1 is an Opteron-based system which runs LinuxBIOS .

CW Linux

CW Linux offers pre-installed LinuxBIOS motherboards, SDK and related hardware for people want to use or develope applications on LinuxBIOS. It also provides professional services for custom LinuxBIOS-based system development.

i-TECH Corp.

i-TECH is selling test and analysis tools with LinuxBIOS, including all its "Satellite" Fibre Channel analyzers (IFC-3016, IFC-4016, IFC-30, IFC40) and "PassPort"-based test and analysis tools.

Linux Labs

Linux Labs is selling LinuxBIOS Beowulf clusters comprised of 1U x86-based nodes with LinuxBIOS installed.

Linux NetworX

Linux NetworX, a major contributor to the LinuxBIOS project, sells a variety of cluster solutions with LinuxBIOS installed.

O.N.E. Technologies

O.N.E. Technologies offers LinuxBIOS on all their x86 products.

Orion Multisystems

Orion Multisystems builds "personal supercomputers" based on the TransMeta Efficeon process that run LinuxBIOS. .

Tyan Computer

Tyan offers LinuxBIOS on all their Opteron based products.