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Here's a list of vendors and their products running LinuxBIOS. Please contact us if you wish to add your product to the following list.

Cluster Labs

Cluster Labs sells a 1.1 GHZ PIII cluster node with 1 GB memory, fast ethernet, and boots LinuxBIOS.


The Cray Xd1 is an Opteron-based system which runs LinuxBIOS .

CW Linux

CW Linux offers pre-installed LinuxBIOS motherboards, SDK and related hardware for people want to use or develope applications on LinuxBIOS. It also provides professional services for custom LinuxBIOS-based system development.

i-TECH Corp.

i-TECH is selling test and analysis tools with LinuxBIOS, including all its "Satellite" Fibre Channel analyzers (IFC-3016, IFC-4016, IFC-30, IFC40) and "PassPort"-based test and analysis tools.

Linux Labs

Linux Labs is selling LinuxBIOS Beowulf clusters comprised of 1U x86-based nodes with LinuxBIOS installed.

Linux NetworX

Linux NetworX, a major contributor to the LinuxBIOS project, sells a variety of cluster solutions with LinuxBIOS installed.

O.N.E. Technologies

O.N.E. Technologies offers LinuxBIOS on all their x86 products.

Tyan Computer

Tyan offers LinuxBIOS on all their Opteron based products.