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* coreboot: competent
* coreboot: competent
* Linux graphics stack: competent
* Linux graphics stack: competent
* coreboot mainboard
* flash recovery mechanism
== End user flash tool ==
A tool that takes a coreboot image without payload, and payload binaries (so the user can select which payload to use), combines them according to user wishes.
It copies other required components (EC/ME firmware, VGABIOS) from the running system (ie. dump flash, extract data) and compares their hash against a white list (so we can vouch for their compatibility), then writes the result to flash, unlocking flash if necessary.
Ideally it's a portable graphical tool (assuming that flashrom is available for the target OS). It could use flashrom, the bios_extract tools, and cbfstool in the background and provide the glue to make things work.
'''Skill Level'''
* coreboot: novice
* Systems programming, GUI programming: competent


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