Reverse Engineering PCI Drivers

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by Vikram Ambrose -- Vambrose 01:44, 22 February 2010 (UTC)

This is a short guide demonstrating how I used the PCI Passthrough framework in KVM to reverse engineer atiflash.exe – a video BIOS flashing tool for DOS.

atiflash.exe is a real dos application that flashes the video BIOS on ATi graphics cards. There are numerous ATi video BIOS flashing tools for Windows, but none for Linux as the code for doing this has not been made publicly available by AMD.

This technique allowed me to trace all PCI configuration space and memory mapped i/o (mmio) accesses to the PCI-E device from the closed source flashing tool.

Tools needed:

Special thanks go out to Carl-Daniel Hailfinger, Twice#11 and the entire KVM and QEMU team for making this possible.