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SerialICE is a flexible, software based system software debugger. Based on the open source processor emulator Qemu, SerialICE allows you to log and intercept hardware accesses of your firmware and single step your firmware with the GNU debugger. After a couple of quiet years on the development front, it has now adopted new filtering subsystem.

For more informations check out the official SerialICE website : https://www.serialice.com

coreboot-SerialICE integration

As of now a set of patches has been proposed that would unify the codebase of SerialICE and coreboot. Apart from the maintenance benefits this also avoids the duplication of initialisation code since they could share the same base.

Patchset: https://review.coreboot.org/#/c/14504/

How to use

In order to use the the SerialICE functionality in coreboot (once patched) simply:

1) Select an x86 mainboard 2) Go to the "Debugging" section 3) Select the SerialICE option and decide which stage to replace.

Note: GDB support and SerialICE cannot currently be active at the same time.