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The wiki is being retired!

Documentation is now handled by the same processes we use for code: Add something to the Documentation/ directory in the coreboot repo, and it will be rendered to Contributions welcome!

Note: If a device is not supported by LinuxBIOSv2, try checking LinuxBIOSv1 for support.

See also Supported Motherboards.

Devices supported in LinuxBIOSv2

North Bridges

Vendor Northbridge Status
AMD GX1  ?
IBM CPC710  ?
IBM CPC925  ?
Intel® E7501  ?
Intel® E7520  ?
Intel® E7525  ?
Intel® 440BX WIP 2
Intel® 855PM  ?
Intel® 855GME WIP 2
Motorola MPC107  ?
Transmeta TM5800  ?
VIA VT8601  ?

South Bridges

Vendor Southbridge Status
AMD AMD8111  ?
AMD AMD8131  ?
AMD AMD8132  ?
AMD AMD8151  ?
AMD CS5530  ?
AMD CS5535  ?
AMD CS5536 LX  ?
Broadcom BCM5780  ?
Broadcom BCM5785  ?
Intel® EBS6300  ?
Intel® 82371EB
Intel® 82801CA  ?
Intel® 82801DB WIP2
Intel® 82801DBM  ?
Intel® 82801ER  ?
Intel® 82870  ?
Intel® PXHD  ?
Ricoh RL5C476  ?
VIA VT8231  ?
VIA VT8235  ?
Winbond™ W83C553  ?

Super I/Os

Vendor Super I/O Status
ITE IT8661F OK 1
ITE IT8671F OK 1
ITE IT8673F OK 1
ITE IT8705F OK 1
ITE IT8712F OK 1
ITE IT8716F OK 1
ITE IT8718F OK 1
NSC PC8374  ?
NSC PC87351  ?
NSC PC87360  ?
NSC PC87366  ?
NSC PC87417  ?
NSC PC87427  ?
NSC PC97307  ?
NSC PC97317  ?
SMSC® LPC47B272  ?
SMSC® LPC47B397  ?
SMSC® LPC47M10x  ?
SMSC® LPC47N217  ?
VIA VT1211  ?
Winbond™ W83627EHG  ?
Winbond™ W83627HF  ?
Winbond™ W83627THF  ?
Winbond™ W83977TF OK
Winbond™ W83977EF OK4


Type CPU Status
x86 AMD OK
x86 Intel® OK
x86 VIA OK
PowerPC MPC74xx  ?
PowerPC PPC4xx  ?
PowerPC PPC7xx  ?
PowerPC PPC970  ?
Emulated QEMU OK


Vendor SOC Status
AMD Elan SC520  ?

1 Serial output should work for all ITE Super I/Os (but is only tested on the IT8671F and IT8712F). The rest could work, but is completely untested.
2 Work in progress.
3 Serial output on serial port 1 is tested and works, the rest probably not yet (tested on FDC37M602).
4 The W83977EF works fine with the W83977TF code (the pre-RAM serial part at least).

Devices supported in LinuxBIOSv1

Not all devices have been ported from LinuxBIOSv1 to LinuxBIOSv2, yet (check "v2?" field). If you want to work on such a port contact us on the mailing list.

North Bridges

Vendor Northbridge Status v2?
Acer M1631  ? No
Alpha Tsunami  ? No
AMD AMD76x  ? No
Intel® 430TX  ? No
Intel® 440BX  ? No
Intel® 440GX  ? No
Intel® 82815EP  ? No
Intel® 82830  ? No
Intel® 82860  ? No
Intel® E7500  ? No
Intel® E7501  ? Yes
Intel® E7505  ? No
Micron 21PAD  ? No
Motorola MPC107  ? Yes
NSC GX1  ? No
VIA VT694  ? No
VIA VT8601  ? Yes
VIA VT8623  ? Yes

South Bridges

Vendor Southbridge Status v2?
Acer M1535  ? No
Acer M1543  ? No
AMD AMD766  ? No
AMD AMD768  ? No
Intel® 82801  ? No
Intel® 82801CA  ? Yes
Intel® 82801DB  ? No
Intel® 82870  ? Yes
Intel® PIIX4E  ? Yes
NSC CS5530  ? No
NSC SCX200  ? No
VIA VT8231  ? Yes
VIA VT8235  ? Yes
VIA VT82C686  ? No
Winbond™ W83C553  ? Yes

Super I/Os

Vendor Super I/O Status v2?
Acer M1535  ? No
ITE IT8671F  ? Yes
NSC PC87309  ? No
NSC PC87351  ? Yes
NSC PC97307  ? Yes
NSC PC97317  ? Yes
SiS 950  ? No
SMC FDC37B72X  ? No
SMC FDC37B78X  ? No
SMC FDC37B807  ? No
SMC FDC37C669  ? No
SMC FDC37C67X  ? No
SMC FDC37N769  ? No
VIA VT1211  ? Yes
VIA VT8231  ? No
VIA VT82C686  ? No
Winbond™ W83627HF  ? Yes
Winbond™ W83877TF  ? No
Winbond™ W83977EF  ? Yes1


Vendor North/South Status v2?
NSC SCX200  ? No
SiS 540  ? No
SiS 550  ? No
SiS 630  ? No
SiS 635  ? No
SiS 730  ? No
SiS 735  ? No


Type CPU Status v2?
Alpha  ?  ? No
PowerPC  ?  ? Yes
x86 AMD  ? Yes
x86 Intel®  ? Yes
x86 VIA  ? Yes
x86 EV6 (?)  ? No

1 The W83977EF works fine with the W83977TF code in LinuxBIOSv2 (the pre-RAM serial part at least).

Devices supported by Flashrom in LinuxBIOSv2

See Flashrom.