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Please see Talk:FOSDEM_2014 for a list of things brought last year

Relevant or possibly interesting talk(s):

  • (Schedule seems to be still incomplete especially for devrooms)

Who is coming?

  • Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
  • Philipp Deppenwiese

Who brings what?

Philipp Deppenwiese

  • raspberry pi (flashing)
  • test clips (soic-8)
  • beagle bone black (usb debugging)
  • cables
  • Bus Pirate
  • Thinkpad T520 for presentation and workshop


  • lots of power sockets and extension cords
  • Bus Pirate
  • Asrock E350M1 mainboard ???
  • Thinkpad T60p laptop
  • Raspberry Pi (for faster flashing)
  • Various flash chips
  • Artec FlexyICE ???
  • 19" flat screen monitor with DVI+VGA incl. cables
  • 14" flat screen monitor with DVI+VGA incl. cables
  • flashrom flyers
  • coreboot flyers
  • posters
  • thousands of cables
  • ATX power supply (for the Asrock E350M1)
  • serial cables

Stuff we need (please check if you can bring it)