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swap #CE and #WP and thus route #CE through the #WP jumper with 8 pin SPI possible ? --da Great QUUX 14:24, 28 April 2007 (CEST)

Alternatively, you might flip a standard plcc-32 socket over the mainboard-chip. then wire a secondary plcc-32 socket to it wired 1:1 - except you connect /reset and /oe on the replacment chip, while you route the /oe from the mainboard to an NC pin on the secondary chip. Take off (hot unplug) the socket after successful boot-up to reflash the original chip. (so called "top hat flash" method, use at own risk, no successful report on GA M57 yet)

on GA M57SLI, is FWH mode used ? is it necessary to use different ID on ID-pins ?