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Martin Roth


Supported by coreboot

  • Intel Minnowboard Max
  • Gizmosphere Gizmo
  • Gizmosphere Gizmo2
  • Asrock E350M1/USB3
  • AMD persimmon x2
  • AMD thatcher
  • ASUS F2A8-5M
  • Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H


  • Turbot (Minnowboard Max compatible)
  • Intel D510MO


General Hardware & BIOS

_HID & EisaID


Fedora setup

Tested on Fedora 20 & 21

sudo yum install git gcc gcc-c++ flex bison ncurses-devel acpica-tools wget patch pciutils-devel
git clone
cd coreboot
git submodule update --init --checkout
make crossgcc-i386

Optional installs:

sudo yum install ccache clang

Flashing 3MB of 8MB ROM on minnowboard max

echo 00500000:007fffff cb-region > 8mb ; flashrom -p dediprog:voltage=1.8v -l 8mb -i cb-region -w build/coreboot.rom

Coreboot lessons

Lesson1 - Starting from scratch. Download coreboot, build it, and test the image on QEMU.