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  • About myself: I've worked 17 years in hardware design, covering Analog CMOS Circuit design, Chip Package and Board Design. My last employer has been NVIDIA where I worked 6 years focusing on interconnect/Power Delivery modeling and simulation, package and PCB placement and routing rules definition.
  • In my spare times: I love cooking, reading about philosophy and history, playing Spanish classical guitar and tuning my Saab 93 (recently added a computer running Ubuntu Netbook version). I practice various fitness activities or sports. I got into Yoga 4 years ago, it has become a way of life.
  • Been using Linux and Unix since my studies in University both at home and at work. I'm a firm believer of good free technology for all!
  • I've recently been interested in building servers for myself and was looking for an Open Source BIOS. I came across this wonderful effort watching a Google Tech Talk on Youtube.