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Distro History

First started using Linux in around 1997 with RedHat 5. Used RedHat 6.2, 7.3, 9 then moved to Fedora. Used all the Fedoras up to around 9. Switch to Ubuntu 8.04, been on Ubuntu since.

Desktop History

KDE at first, Blackbox for a couple of years, now strictly Gnome.

Hardware History

Early 90s were all Apple Macintosh, Apple LC2, Apple LC630. Then moved to a 150Mhz NEC Pentium MMX in around 1996. Upgraded the crap out of that NEC box. By around 1999, overclocked it 280Mhz, 4x 12Gb SCSI Seagate Cheetah hardrives, 384mb of EDO RAM, 32mb SIS graphics. Then got the first Pentium 4! (From P1 to P4!) a Socket 423 Willamete CPU with RDRAM. Used that for many years. Switched to a AMD Athlon 64 in around 2003. Athlon X2 in 2006, Phenom X3 in 2009. Current box specs:

  • Phenom X3 2.6Ghz Triple Core
  • 2x HD4870 in crossfire (512mb each)
  • 2Gb of DDR2
  • 4x500GB Hard drives in RAID5, 80GB OS drive.
  • No optical drives and wack stuff like that.

Graphics Card History

Went from:

 4mb Trident
 8mb S3
 32mb SIS
 16mb Voodoo 3500
 32mb Geforce128
 64mb Geforce FX5600
 64mb Radeon 8500LE
 256mb Geforce 7600GS
 512mb HD4870s x2