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Unfortunately we don't have much documentation to provide a nice learning curve. You can get help on IRC or the Mailinglist, and if you're so inclined, we'd _really_ _really_ love contributions in the area of How Tos and documentation.

That said, we have a couple of lists of possible tasks:

  • Project_Ideas contains projects that should be useful for GSoC-type timeframes, ie. 3 months or so. It also contains lists of project members that are interested in each project, so they volunteer to mentor newcomers (probably outside GSoC, too)
  • Infrastructure_Projects are mostly cleanup projects. That sounds boring, but some of them might be a good entry point to various subsystems of coreboot, since you're exposed to a whole lot of code, while working on a relatively constrained task.
  • Finally, we keep some TODOs on Trello. While this is mostly a personal collective notepad of a couple of developers, feel free to claim items there.

For all of them: We're a generally friendly community (though you might encounter a grumpy developer sometimes - we're just human, too), and like to help people who want to get started.